New Leslie Berenson Big Works hero

Big Works

Leslie Berenson is known for her big work! These seascape paintings can become a focal-point to any room.

It’s hard. It’s challenging. And it’s fulfilling. I need to be in the right frame of mind to be sitting on the floor or working above my head. But working big lets me feel like I’m right there in the water or on the boats as I create them. When I work big it allows me to add a few more elements and details that tend to be obscured in a smaller painting. I just love working big. Sure it takes longer and it’s harder, but I get tremendous satisfaction from seeing each piece develop.

When I first get started I have no idea where the boats and the water will take me. Every painting is a journey for me and I hope that in the end you will find the peace and tranquility that I work so hard to achieve in each painting.

Here are some of my recent “big works”. Hope you like them.

Big Work 3
use full horizontal space if necessary